Grant Writing Services

Our grant proposal development services are customized to meet our clients’ needs!

M.G. Tech-Writing, LLC exists to assist you.  We save your administration’s time by seeking new grant funding sources; helping you preserve and/or augment existing grants and the budget that keeps you afloat.

MGT provides a comprehensive array of grant development services; including:

After 27 years in business, MGT has developed a breadth of knowledge about the local, regional, and national funding community, and has consistently funded eight out of ten proposals that the firm writes or helps edit.  (Please see a Funded Grants Loans and Projects Table.)

  • Build on Existing ExperienceMGT is multi-disciplinary, with expertise in: grant research, grant and technical writing, grant and technical editing, grant administration, partnership and funder relationship development, and multimodal transportation program design/implementation. Thus, MGT is able to provide customized grant project development services tailored to the client’s specific needs and location.
  • Client & Funding Source RelationshipsMGT partners closely with its clients to assess the short- and long-term goals vital to each client’s success. Our active involvement, targeted information gathering, and needs assessment completion will result in a seamless grant contract process for the projects and programs that the client intends to develop – on time and on budget.  Further, MGT maintains highly-professional relationships with numerous funders, along with a comprehensive database of information about prospective private, corporate and community foundations, local, state and federal grant programs essential to your project.  Current and past clients return with repeat business due to our exceptional service provision and customer service.
  • Quality Control – Decision-making confidence depends on the reliability of the information we gather during the execution of our contracts. MGT’s quality control is based on careful planning, monitoring, and evaluation across the life of our projects.  We integrate technology and sound project management techniques to ensure confidence in the reliability of our service provision.
  • Industry Standards MGT utilizes the industry’s finest state-of-the-art equipment to produce high-quality documents, services, and end products.

MGT’s approach to grant writing is to assist clients with grant proposal development from “start to finish,” often beginning with grant research and the crafting of both a Table of Potential Grants™ and Grant Proposal Development Calendar to offer clients a manageable and organized approach to grant pursuit.  Prior to any potential grant writing, MGT drafts a Time and Task Analysis Table™ .

Having spent ten years writing Safe Routes to School grants, we are quite proficient at the incorporation of parcel and aerial maps utilizing Google Earth or regional map systems; newspaper articles, crash data, neighborhood site assessments, and their accompanying photographs with captions.  We typically write every aspect of a client’s grant proposal; including that grant’s letters of support/commitment, as well as the requisite tribal, town or city council resolutions.  MGT’s President has worked as a highly-disciplined telecommuter for most of her grant and technical writing career, and we are equally adept at online research and information gathering via client interviews, important skill sets when working remotely with clients.

Overview of M.G. Tech-Writing, L.L.C.’s Consultant Experience and Expertise:

MGT stands apart from other grant writing firms, because:

  • MGT is frequently rehired by former clients for additional grant-related contracts.
  • We have over twenty-seven (27) years of experience in working with non-profit organizations, federally recognized tribal governments, municipalities, and schools.
  • We have federal grant review panel and professional grant evaluation experience.
  • We track our billable time to the minute using Dovico software, so clients receive maximum value for every dollar spent.
  • We have grant writing experience and funding success in a multitude of different subject areas for various client types.
  • Our grant writing and grant administration workshops provide valuable, pragmatic hands-on grant writing experience in: writing SMART objectives, developing Project Abstracts; creating partnership, consortia and cooperatives; constructing and researching reasonable and justifiable budgets with highly readable budget table formats.