Proposal Writing Services

IMWCC Statement of Qualifications CoverHave any of the following thoughts added angst or stress to your life recently:

“OMG!  There are two Request for Proposals AND a Request for Qualifications all due in the next two weeks, but X, Y AND Z is also due to our current clients.  How can we score new work if we don’t have time to respond to these requests?!”

“I hate submitting these ?#*&ing [insert favorite expletive] proposal responses!  9 times in ten, the work goes to the larger or more local firm anyway.  Why should we keep wasting our time?!”

“I’m sick of trying to write a competitive RFP, RFQ, RFI, or SOQ proposal response that doesn’t give away all of our best trade secrets, but we can’t win these contracts if we don’t show how innovative we are…”

Trust us, we understand.  We’ve done the late nights, the weekends, and after hours grinds completing client work during the 9 – 5 hours, then the critical proposal completion efforts that won our firm the big money projects it needed to thrive.  It was grueling and sometimes we wound up sick and tired, or sick, tired, and frustrated, because our stress, time, and efforts were rewarded with an email notification in our Inbox showing our competition’s name.

Since 2004, MGT has maintained an 83% success record of winning contracts via proposal submission.  Further, of 11 ADOT task assignment proposal submissions between 2010 and 2013, MGT won 11 contracts, for a 100% ADOT contract solicitation record.  (Please see MGT’s Proposal Development Record Table.)


  • stop the ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) from marching two-by-two;
  • respond to more proposals without sacrificing much more time; and
  • develop a calendar of upcoming proposal requests that your firm can competitively chase without giving away the farm.

Further, MGT will help you develop innovative, easy-to-edit proposal templates for the several types of projects you typically pursue.

Are you ready and willing to:

  1. be awesome; and
  2. show others precisely how awesome your organization is and exactly why they should hire you instead of the competition (even if your offices are on an island in the Gulf of Alaska three flights from the Lower 48)?!

MGT delivers affordable, high-quality proposal and technical writing and RFP/RFQ/RFI/SOQ proposal writing workshops for government agencies, engineering, architecture, design, planning and construction firms.